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910143Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is the summer holidays and soon Harry Potter will be starting his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry is counting the days: there are new spells to be learned, more Quidditch to be played, and Hogwarts castle to continue exploring. But Harry needs to be careful — there are unexpected dangers lurking…

J.K. Rowling continues to surprise and delight with the power of her rich, demanding and action-packed storytelling.

Ugh! How frustrating and stupid Cornelius Fudge is! I was outraged that before Bart Crouch could bear testimony to Voldemorts rising again, Barty was killed by a dementor! AND on top of that, Cornelius didn’t believe Voldemort was back again even after Harry Potter saw him rise before his eyes! Even after Cedric died there in the graveyard! It was a dark ending and the only ones who seemed to have gained anything this year was George and Fred Weasley. Harry Potter gave a thousand Galleons he won the Tri-Wizard Tournament to them.

I would’ve never guessed who the culprit was who’d been spying at Hogwarts the whole time right under everyone’s noses. From the beginning the story flowed quite nicely and now that I’ve read it, I understood a lot more than I’d perceived from watching the movie.

Something we learn by reading the book that we don’t see in the movie was that Rita Skeeter was an Animagus who transformed herself into a black beetle. That’s why she was able to write in depth stories about things to put in the Daily Prophet Newspaper.

I’ve been on a Harry Potter book/movie marathon for the past week starting with the Philosopher’s Stone. I have to say the movie cuts out a lot of insightful information, however, I thought the tent the Weasleys stayed in looked better in the film ha! The house elves were completely left out in this movie whereas Winky played a significant role, and so did Dobby and the rest of the Hogwarts house elves.

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The following is my attempt to answer questions related to Discussion Questions found in the galesburglibrary.org

  1. HPfont

  2. In the previous Harry Potter books, it began in the Dursleys’ home, but in The Goblet of Fire it starts in Tom Riddle’s parents home. I figure it is because Voldemort is growing stronger and more alive, that Harry will experience the effects of his dark powers like never before in this book.
    The mood is dark, and Harry is having visions and dreams causing him pain.

  3. Whenever we find evil disguised, we know that those who wear the masks do not want their identity known. It is the same with the death-eaters.

  4. Barty Crouch Jr. manages to trick everyone into thinking he is the real Moody by drinking poly juice potion and has kidnapped the real Professor Moody inside his trunk.

  5. I believe Harry took things too seriously and could’ve won the game had he been aware his friends were not in mortal danger, AND he needed to mind the rules of the match.

  6. I think Harry’s parent’s apparition and hearing Cedric asking to take his body back gave him more courage.

  7. The discovery that Rita Skeeter was an Animagus and transformed herself into a black beetle made much sense. It is how she got all the facts.

  8. I think Dumbledore might’ve just figured out why Harry had such a connection to Voldemort and that Harry will eventually have to die because he is one of Voldemorts Horcruxes. IRDK what the gleam in Dumbledore’s eyes is all about.

  9. Could it be that Snape agreed to betray Dumbledore?

  10. If Harry was ever going to be a great wizard like Dumbledore he had to learn whom he was dealing with and how to defend himself. I think Dumbledore wants to teach Harry how to fight Voldemort and win.

  11. Barty Crouch Jr. is a perfect example that it matters not what a person is born, a pureblood does not mean they are good. It matters what they grow to be. Example: Hermione

  12. I do not think Harry would’ve succeeded at the tasks he faced in The Goblet of Fire without outside assistance. It may be he was too naive and lacked experience, but it did shape him into being a great wizard.

  13. Harry was always eager and willing to accept he was a wizard, but I do not think it was easy for him to go against Voldemort all the time. He had choices like everyone else and could have chosen to be in Slytherin or be one with Voldemort, but he could not accept it because he opted to do what was right insofar as his parents were good and kept encouraging him to be strong.

  14. The last chapter of book four is titled “The Beginning.” probably because Voldemort is only beginning his reign of power that ended so horribly 13 years ago? That is my guess.

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  1. writersideup says:

    I can’t tell you how long I looked for it, but the first thing that came to mind (there are SO many I can’t remember which), when you asked about a quote was the scene with the ferret (Moody makes me laugh) pgs. 206 7 207:

    “Moody, we never use transfigurations as a punishment!” said Professor McGonagall weakly. “Surely Professor Dumbledore told you that?”

    “He might’ve mentioned it, yeah,” said Moody, scratching his chin unconcernedly, “but I thought a good sharp shock—”

    …then a few paragraphs beyond that…

    “Don’t talk to me,” Ron said quietly…

    “Why not?” said Hermione in surprise.

    “Because I want to fix that in my memory forever,” said Ron, his eyes closed and an uplifted expressin on his face. “Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret…”


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    1. Jackie says:

      Oh ya that is a good quote !

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  2. harrietday98 says:

    This makes me want to re read them all again!! Great post!!


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