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I’m linking to Kaleena @ Reader Voracious 

 List your Top 5 favourite books about witches

Aside from the greatest book written about Witchcraft and Wizardry there ever was? I really like The Witches in the movie The Originals. Dahlia, Esther, Davina, Kohl Mikaelson, Freya Mikaelson, Sophie Devereaux, Vincent, The Hollow and Hope Mikaelson.

Since this is a book style prompt,  The Salem Witch Trials really happened and don’t you wish you were a fly on the wall? I am curious to know what happened and why did they kill those girls? It’s barbaric but it’s not surprising. The Salem Witch Trial took place in the 1600’s. If they thought they would rid their town of evil they were truly foolish.  — source

Best Books About the Salem Witch Trials

  1. Macbeth? Toil and Trouble Shakespeare In Hell. The narrators’ voice is scary creepy.

2. Fantastic Beasts – There’s some real witchy woo in this book.


3. Harry Potter – the ultimate fantasy in magic and witchcraft

4. Outlander – Claire and Geillis(pictured below) on trial for witchcraft. Claire uses apothecary herbs to make potions to heal the sick and she is regarded a witch. Och poor lassy.

5. The Chronicles of Narnia –Jadis

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Books about Witches

  1. Viva Marie says:

    Great list!


  2. Great choices, Geillis is such a wonderful character and I am glad that you included Outlander – I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Thanks for participating!

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    1. Jackie says:



  3. I always find the Salem witch trials fascinating. I like to believe that witches were real and that piece of history always seems to keep the fantasy alive. Otherwise they were just horrible people.

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    1. Jackie says:

      uh ya. Witches are real. Have you not heard of The Witch of Endor? She’s in the bible. Witches are a real thing girl!

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      1. I’m not really a huge bible person, but I like to believe that witches could be real and we lock them up and tell them they’re just schizophrenic.

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    2. Jackie says:

      In the Hebrew Bible, the Witch of Endor is a woman who summons the prophet Samuel’s spirit, at the demand of King Saul of the Kingdom of Israel in the First Book of Samuel. In the deuters (deuterocanonical) Book of Sirach (46:19–20).


      1. Do they think of her as demonic or as spiritual?


      2. Jackie says:

        demonic. Witchcraft is an abomination. Saul was wrong to enquire her services


      3. I never knew that it was in the bible. That’s interesting

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      4. Jackie says:

        Yes it is. Are you a believer or no? just wondering. It’s okay if you aren’t. Thank you for being honest anyway about not being into the bible.


      5. I mean kind of. I’m not sure how literal I take the bible though.

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      6. Jackie says:

        No. you should never take the bible literally. lol honest. It isn’t meant to be interpreted that way.

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      1. I’m not sure I believe that Wiccans are the same as the witches that I want to believe are real.


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