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No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

All we are is just another Fish in the pond. Oh no, don’t feed the fish. Coins are dangerous and deadly so don’t be throwing them at fish, it’s not like they’ll be needing it.

A beautiful place to visit is in the middle of the shopping mall downtown. Devonian Gardens. It is an oasis with lots of trees and ponds and fish. It is being renovated at the moment and will reopen next year. I guess they are expanding, so they say, but I’ve heard that leaky roofs caused by the pipes in the space, ruined a lot of business’ around there.

I took my children on a couple of occasions. They have a park where they can play. People take their kids when they need to study or something. Single parents like it since it can give them respite and a contemplative space for some alone time. It isn’t very quiet, but you might find some peace in the midst of all the busy downtown noises. Birds fly around the area, and it is kind of disturbing. I think what if the bird steals your food? OR they come and perch on your arm or something.

I don’t know why people throw their coins in the fishpond. There use to be a fish food dispenser, and the koi fish grew enormous! I imagine they didn’t want to feed them anymore because they would have to get an ocean or something to accommodate them if people kept feeding them. seriously. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea, because those Koi fish could grow to an average size of 24 to 36 inches long. It is possible for some to grow longer than 4 feet but only when there is enough space.(ref.) Koi can be kept in an aquarium until they are six inches long. After that, they’re just too big! (ref.)
A typical life span is 50 to 70 years! That is a long time.


I fancy Betta Fish. I had one once, but it didn’t survive long. It was pretty finicky. It jumped out of its tank, and I found him on the floor dead and dry. It freaked me the fuck out. It was dead, and it once was alive swimming in my tank! I guess I did something wrong . I probably overtreated the water and it didn’t like it or something lol. I probably shouldn’t have changed the water as often as I had. Some natural bacteria was possibly missing. A good rule of thumb is to set up a fish tank BEFORE you get your fish so the water can adapt or acclimate first? IDK. I just think it is dangerous to change the tank water with the fish in it. I mean if you have a filter even. Always leave a bit of the water so they can swim around and change like 1/3 of it, but they don’t like it much. They can get sick easily, and I understand that for some odd reason. Wouldn’t you like to live in the right water without anyone messing with it? Tap water is not recommended because of the fluoride and other chemicals, so it is a safe bet to get your water right before adding your fish. The water needs to be the right PH balance. I knew someone who raised fish and such, and that is what he did. Carbon filters and air bubbles are necessary if you want a fish tank. Keeping the sides of your tank clean with a bottom feeder and sucker fish is beneficial. They aren’t a beautiful sight and are usually climbing the sides, sucking all that sludge and slime off. Gross.


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