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I am so glad there is a product that rejuvenates, cleanses, and heals your skin at the same time. I have suffered from acne all my life. Nothing the doctor ever prescribed cured anything. Even resorting to Accutane was not a cure but it treated the symptoms of cystic acne, that is all. Now I have acne rosacea, and it is reddening. My skin is very sensitive as you can imagine. It gets oily but dry, and the redness burns. The last thing you would think of putting on your face is oil. In my teens, I only wanted to dry out my pimples and make them disappear. Now my skin needs hydration and moisture and anti-aging retinol. Wherever I get pimples, there is redness, and since I started using sheet masks, I noticed how parched my skin is in those same areas around my t-zone. I am so glad that I learned about the oil cleansing method all be it later in life. I wish I had heard about this method earlier admittedly. It is not hard to do. It only takes minutes.



With Crude Everything Oil (magic link)or Juice Beauty Stem Cellular 2-in-1(amazon affiliate link) my skin feels relieved and refreshed, besides nourished and soft. I will not be spending a ton of money on skincare anymore. All I need is a good oil cleansing product, and I recommend Crude Oil. The premise of this according to expert scientists, is when you apply cleansing oil on your face, it dissolves the nasty sebum oil that is often the cause of acne and clogged pores. You just have to wipe it off. Like oil pulling.


2006-10-21-23-43-52Crude Oil also comes with microfiber cloths which are important. They work really well. This everything oil also removes heavy makeup as you can see in the video. I am not sure how well it does with wrinkles because I just started using it. I am not sure what all the ingredients are in these oils either but regardless. You can google it.

I recommend Crude Everything Oil and Juice Beauty for the OCM because those are what I use.


I like using Innisfree oil (affiliate link)on my lips since they get dry from wearing liquid lipsticks. Drinking much water is a must, but no amount of water will replace skincare if you want a healthy looking glow and clean skin.What the hell do I know? just try it you might like it. I have not been using it very long, and I fluctuate with my routine from one product to another although I have my favorite products that quite frankly are too expensive.

However, nothing will replace Forever Flawless products. I have not found anything better except maybe Hyaluronic acid from Art natural. That stuff works on me. I have tried Miss Piggy bubble mask, and I do not know if I like it. I mean bentonite clay works just as well if not better . I bought some malic acid because it is supposed to be good for your skin too, but I have not tried it yet. You can add some to your clay mask mixture.

Malic acid is frequently an ingredient advertised on the labels of a variety of skincare products, treating everything from acne to psoriasis to dry skin. In an article on skin care treatments, according to WebMD, malic acid can work as an exfoliant, helping to rid the skin of dead skin cells.- (5 Skin Care Benefits of Malic Acid – Newsmax.com, (accessed October 28, 2016).

Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

When I ran into a lady in a cosmetic brand show at the Stampede, she told me all that was wrong with my skin and recommended products from the Black Diamond Forever Flawless anti-aging line. She gave me a quick facial with the diamond infused thermal mask and showed me how good the peeling gel worked on my arm. There was a difference, and I got more than I paid for that day. She gave me some products for free although I still spent a fortune and I will not be doing that again. Never before had I spent that much on beauty products! Over $1,000! However, the products work like nothing else I have ever used before. I mean they are so good, and I have nothing bad to say about them only that it is too expensive? I wish I can buy some more of the toner because I ran out.

I applaud you for reading my blog and if you consider making a purchase by following the links, you will be paying it forward, at no additional cost whatsoever. You are helping another person out by doing so. Thanks for being awesome:)


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