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I washed my face with Diamond infused Exfoliating Cleanser this morning. I felt I needed another skin peeling, so I used a rice mask.

I wore my new bunny-ear headband which made washing my face more comfortable and easy. I finished my skincare routine with vitamin C serum and day moisturizer. My skin feels hydrated, clean and smooth like butter or a babies bottom.

I love sheet masks. Korean skincare is popular these days and is taking the world by a storm. Typically, they have more than three steps to skin care, and Gothamista has taught me to make my face mist. As much as I like Korean product brands, I won’t know if I could restrict myself to it.

dr-hos-crystal-clean-750x750To keep my skin from breaking out, I must have a proper elimination. DR-HO’S Digestive Drink works. It is Magnesium and soluble fiber. One scoop to one cup/bottle of water or freshly squeezed juice. I take 1,500 grams of Vitamin C chewable’s per day keeping me healthy as well. I suggest a lot of water throughout the day to keep regular. Stay hydrated!


I’ve been testing out certain supplements and substitutes to help me lose weight. The good that came of it was that it taught me how to prepare food, like a brown rice salad. The dressing tastes phenomenal. I tried raw till four (RT4) because I couldn’t live without cooked food. I’ve learned to like potato fries with no added salt. Abbi Jaye is crazy about her Instant Pot pressure cooker. I went out and bought one for myself because it makes food taste good. You can fry and brown things with it too so there’s that.

I also enjoy ketogenic recipes like cauliflower pizza crust and Oopsie bread and low-carb pancakes and waffles made with Carbquick. I’ve learned how to make potato waffles by just using a plain potato. Smoothies are straightforward I think. To your High-tec Vitamix blender, add bananas for the primary thickening agent, and some leafy greens with another kind of fruit, and you’re ready to go. I need to be making them again. I’ve stopped eating raw food except I like kale and avocado salad which seems to be the favorite go-to salad not to mention the only one I can remember. We eat a lot of Caesar salad, but I like other things in it that Phil won’t eat. I like zucchini noodles with pasta sauce or homemade cashew cream. A good raw recipe for cheese sauce is with macadamia nuts and red or orange peppers. It tastes amazing on roasted cauliflower. Almond milk is easy enough but time-consuming. Of course, you should always soak your nuts.

It’s a lot of work to prepare fresh food, and a clean kitchen is essential. I can spend all day there cleaning and making things. A lot of time is spent running to the grocery store too, and I can’t do that right now because we are on a budget. A lot of thought goes into preparing raw food if you want to eat healthily. Raw foodists who are strict and fanatical, eat only fruit as a mono meal. That can be expensive! You need to buy cratefuls of bananas, dates, mangos, apples, grapes, nuts and seeds. There is an online food delivery service in Calgary called Spud.ca. Sometimes they get good deals for us, and some products are locally grown and organic, so there’s that.

I enjoy the ketogenic lifestyle most of all I think. I cannot be vegan. I’ve tried. I always end up craving tuna or eggs or cheese. Vegan cheese and meat are disgusting unless you adjust to eating that. Whenever you start a new diet, it takes some time to change. The quickest way to adapt to any lifestyle is by fasting for 3 or 4 days on juice or water. The lemonade diet is good for that reason.

A ketogenic diet means eating more fat, fewer carbs, and avoiding sugar.You can use substitute sweeteners like Stevia. It is not a vegan diet. It is a healthy weight loss diet.

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