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The WordPress daily word of the day is Tree.

The first thing that pops into my head was money Tree. You need one just to have a website. My point is that it’s expensive to run a site if you want it performing efficiently. The costs add up faster then leaves falling off the tree in winter.

Trees are going into hibernation for the winter. Now that it’s colder the leaves of dormant trees are yellow, gold, brown, even red and mostly lie on the ground to be raked up and ready for composting. The leaves provide insulation to the soil from the elements of winter, don’t they? I don’t know much about that. Science would be able to tell us what happens, or about naturally occurring things like changing of the seasons. What happens to a tree in winter? What happens to pine trees when they get ready for winter? How do trees live in sub-zero temperatures? When the leaves turn color, it is beautiful if you don’t mind gold orange and yellow. Why are tree leaves only green in summer? Spruce trees are green all year round. Pine needles are green. They can get dry, though. They make a lovely Christmas tree in the winter when snow falls on it. I love spruce trees in the winter. Birds sing and build their nests in trees. I am not an arborist, so I don’t know much about trees and what they do. I heard about this one tree called a Baobab tree. You can find it in Africa. Some of those trees are so big that people can live inside their trunks. Some trees in the jungle are homes for termites and other insects. Insects get eaten by gorillas and other animals. I also like trees with large swinging vines. You can spot a monkey or two swinging from tree branches. Trees produce oxygen among other things. Did you know almonds grow on trees? What else grows on trees? Trees need root systems. I think tree roots are sometimes bigger than the tree itself. Spruce trees growing close to your house can cause havoc to your existing structure. They are robust enough to rip apart your sidewalk. They make cracks and make your sidewalk protrude, and you have to cut the roots away from it. It’s important when you plant a spruce tree you don’t grow it near your house. I don’t know how far you should plant away from your house, but you don’t want the roots to damage your home. A tree’s roots are large causing harm to buildings ok you get my point. Also, squirrels and raccoons can easily access your roofs and things. You can get termite infestations and other insects like ants. It’s best to keep your trees away from your house. Don’t let them grow so near. Rodents and mice or skunks can get in by climbing the trees and jumping onto your roof or getting in through your eavestrough to get warm.

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