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Today's daily word prompt is Dilemma

What I live on Aish is a government assisted program, and it stands for Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped. What I want is, to improve my situation. Also, my vocabulary :p

The topic makes me ill, to be honest. I didn’t want to discuss it but faced with submitting an application for AISH. They make you fill one out every year, and it makes me irate. I haven’t filed my taxes yet either. I can’t do it over the phone anymore, and Revenue Canada is not answering their phone. I only have one income to report for ***@!sakes! Not that I am physically disabled, but I fall under the category of unable to support myself on a working salary. I had a psychiatric background and was institutionalized a long time ago.

1. I cannot receive any money without reporting it.
2. I am not allowed to live with anyone who works without saying.
3. Any other money I earn, Aish will deduct.

It is a vicious cycle. If work stresses me out, and I get sick, what will not working do? Keep me miserable. Reason I’m on Aish. If I had a minimum wage job, I wouldn’t be further ahead, and in my mind, I might as well not work, reduce the stress, and stay on full Aish. However, being poor is equally, if not more stressful. I need to do something. I am aware that minimum wage employers do not value their employees. Since I am not worth much, I feel as worthless, useless garbage. If companies think time is money, well, I am a valuable commodity and should be paid in gold :p

Minimum wage is revolting. If I work a job, I expect to at least be able to afford some food and a roof over my head comfortably. Salaries should reflect the cost of living if people are an asset to their company. I mean a company/business is much more productive and wealthy because I work for them. I am a valuable asset to them. Who would work for less? Why does business have a capped salary? The cost of living ain’t cheap so why is it that minimum wage is even accepted? The world would be a better place if some things in life were free. On the American dollar, it says: In God We Trust. Then Do It! Why do people trust in Money!? Why have we forgotten the adage that ‘God will provide’? Nobody needs all those expensive things if it only produces greed, avarice, and contempt for the poor.

The cost of living nowadays is beyond our scope of life, but the American Dream is a big seller. Everyone wants to be debt free and self-supporting. I wonder why? Because it costs too much NOT too!! Obviously, when it comes tax time, I assume they pay for it. To be rich comes with a hefty price tag I think. IDK. I am uneducated, so it has only been from experience that I know what I know. Isn’t that how we always learn? Through experience? Without a government policy enforcing a curriculum?

I never learned much in school, to be honest. Isn’t it our God Given free will to experience and live our lives without being enslaved by society? When we are born, we’re just a number. Why? God knows who lives and who dies, even the sparrows. Does the world reflect God or ape Him? Because of so much lack of faith. Being born has only two requirements. A mother and a father. Life shouldn’t be so hard or complicated. It’s sad really. What we sow in tears should reap joy but not in this world. Parents are made to think they are unqualified to raise their children, so they have to send them to school. Why? Shouldn’t it be up to the parents to teach them until the age of consent or whenever they are ready to leave home? I mean really. Where does this happen nowadays? Living with an evil government system is taxing on our health and mental stability. Someone is stealing from us, and I blame it on Lucifer. Who else is there to blame for the world’s corruption? Why do I always do this? Go off topic. Sigh*

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