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No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

Affiliate advertising is a blind man that keeps bumping into walls. That is how I feel behind my computer. I cannot see beyond firewalls, and Adsense is like finding yourself in the dark for lack of understanding.
Blogger is where I used to hang up my hat, but now it is WordPress.

projects-007The weather looks like it will be winter soon. Honestly. The leaves are turning color, golden, orange, yellow. It’s pretty to see all those fall colors. From my window in the kitchen, I have a view of the Shaganappi golf course with numerous trees, like a blanket of gold and yellow leaves, Fall is just around the corner following that Halloween. I’ve had to crank up the heat, but I haven’t noticed the furnace taking effect. Can you feel it? Is warmth coming through the registers? Not yet. I haven’t heard the walls talk either. We live in an old apartment where the water pipes make banging noises, and the heating pipes talk back, or maybe it’s vice versa. When we first moved in, I remember the walls being so loud it kept me awake at night. I mean what do old pipes sounds make? Banging, creaking, breaking noises. It makes the wood beams creak as well. By only generating heat in my apartment, it can become troubling. A few years ago our building was flooded, and individual tenants had to evacuate because some of the pipes were freezing and causing the pipes to burst, and therefore a few residents’ suites were flooded. In my bedroom closet, I found water on the floor, and I don’t know where it came. There was no water stain showing anywhere. Regardless, it was a long time ago, and you’d think by now Calgary housing would have fixed it. Contractors are always fixing things around here. They keep coming. Mostly to do with the plumbing and washing machines breaking down every day. Our buildings elevator broke down and wasn’t working for a few days. It was very inconvenient. Once, when the mail carrier had some packages for me to pick up from the lobby, the elevator wasn’t working, and I had to take the stairs. Going down wasn’t bad but climbing eight flights of stairs when you are out of shape, I needed the exercise at any rate. My lungs got sore from breathing or lack of oxygen.

I don’t know how to make affiliate advertising work. Blogging is fun when you get visitors, but I notice when I post a blog and am not participating in the daily WordPress challenges I get no views at all. I get more visitors when I leave a pingback. How do you drive traffic to your blog? WordPress automatically tweets my post when I publish a new one. It doesn’t seem to help much, though. I guess I shouldn’t be worried about driving traffic to my blog more than writing good content; I hope they will come. I’ve done what I can to let my blog be noticed with search engines as well. Internet lingo still hasn’t taught me anything. I barely understand it. It is jargon.

A year or 2 ago my bathroom ceiling was leaking as was a window in the dining room. It was bad enough to call maintenance to come and take a look at it. CHC didn’t do much about it, though. I was pissed. Only a week later some drywall painter guy came in to fix the peeling drywall and replastered the walls in the shower. How incompetent! I can’t rely on Calgary Housing to help much. I understand they do what they can but honestly? When it comes to their property and the safety of tenants they don’t do enough. Not enough for the morale regardless. My windows have been cleaned once since I’ve lived here. I’m talking about the outside windows. We can’t do it ourselves because the windows don’t allow us to access it readily. I mean. Our windows don’t enable us to access the outside to wash them, so Calgary Housing has to hire window washers. We don’t have balconies either. So you see, a lot happens behind the walls, and frankly, all these walls are breaking me down go figure.

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