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As an affiliate publisher, I need a computer for work. I soon realized that my eyes began to hurt as I was suffering from severely dry eyes. I went to the doctor and the diagnose was that I had blepharitis . Now I told him I spent most of my time on the computer and he did acknowledge it could be the cause and the reason for my condition. Blepharitis is an eye disease and you need to do certain things to treat it. Other symptoms of the disease are that you lose your eyelashes. It’s awful. He gave me some eye drops and instructed that I put a hot compress on the eyes and massage my lids . My condition he explained , was the sebum that keeps the eyes lubricated wasn’t functioning as normal and that it had turned thick and buttery . You know what I mean? Further, I had to massage my eyelids for the eyes to provide the tears that I needed. Blinking doesn’t even help me anymore , I am past the point of blinking to remedy the dryness. My tears are dry from being on the computer for long periods of time. If I just blinked more often I probably wouldn’t have severe dry eyes like I do? IDK. I’m sure many of you know what it feels like to have dry eyes if you are using your computer all day . it hurts so bad like somebody dumped a load of sand in my eyes . Mr. Sandman did it . Lol, I remember being on the computer night after night until dawn . Those were the days of MySpace . I was hanging out on the religion and philosophy forum . I got banned from it a few times too. That place was fun at first . I learned a lot about my catholic faith that I would have never learned otherwise so I am grateful for that. Having the experience and opportunity MySpace gave me. I was very saddened by the forums being shut down. I met so many friends and enemies then , I miss them all. Fun times they were. I feel so nostalgic writing this .

Getting back to the topic of discussion and for the reason, I am writing this blog, I hadn’t found an easy way to put hot compresses on my eyes . Simple hot washcloths weren’t going to do the job. I don’t even like the idea of taking a shower and letting the hot water run over my face because my water is not that safe, to use so much of it on my skin . It was not going to happen . So, I found the perfect solution and bought not one but TWO Hot Eye Compresses! They are amazing and work like magic. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have them. I hope my doctor gives me a positive review of my eyes . I may have to let you all know how it pans out . I’ve only been using them for a couple weeks maybe not even 10 days but whenever I feel my eyes getting too red and sore and dry I stick the compress on for about 7 minutes then massage my lids and I can feel the relief. It feels great! I also use eye spray along with eye drops. So if anyone else is suffering from dry eyes or even blepharitis please take a look at the link provided. It is not an affiliated link as the seller is her own independent company , even though I tried . I am also doing you a favor because if you go to amazon you will pay way more for this product . So, it is better to purchase  it on Victoria Health website. It is where I got all my eye care remedies, including the Eye Logic Eye Spray for Dry Eyes.

To see what I am raving about and why you need it,  for $14.19 go here: Eye Mask Hot Eye Compress : Victoria Health

I also bought The Eye Doctor for $28.33

I promised it wasn’t an affiliate link

Compare to Amazon.ca which is my affiliate link:

Compare The Eye Doctor on Amazon:

AMAZEBALLS!! It’s ridiculous!

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