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Greetings Penguins! I forgot yesterday was Saturday, and when my boyfriend came home from work, I told him to check the mail. Lol, he did. The mail carrier doesn’t deliver on Saturday?! duh. I guess we were both so tired; that blonde moment together made me laugh, and I proceeded with the giggles. I love it when I get giddy, and everything makes me laugh. I don’t laugh very often, but alas the universe and God knows I need to laugh. If only it were on a daily basis, I could overdose on fits of laughter. I always know when some things are funny, but I can’t laugh.

I just spilled coffee all over my keyboard, and it made me chuckle, but where is the humor in that situation? It made a mess, it was clumsy of me, it needed to be cleaned up!

I am talking about laughter that heals and feels good. It is essential in life. It is a bodily function like crying is. Tears are good when you feel better afterward and so is laughter the best medicine. People don’t need drugs but to laugh. More. Finding that kind of laughter in everyday life is hard. After I die, I hope I can learn to laugh out loud and be happy all the time because life has been nothing but sorrow and grief and sadness and hurt and hate and bullying. Certainly, we are not without malice, envy, strife, jealousy, vengeance, lies, two-faced, murder. WTF! Jesus thought if he made man right, the world would be safe. It appears he’s wrong and failing, but I believe, and I know, and I trust that the Lord will make ALL things right. We only have to die or wait for Him. I believe the end is near. Although it has been more than 2000 years, it obviously wasn’t meant like tomorrow or next week, or even next month or a year or two. Do you think Jesus is still coming again? In the bible, it says that one day is like a thousand years or vice verse. So it could’ve only been two days ago, Jesus meant what he said.
In any event, there isn’t much happiness in the world? I see much of the opposite. Misery and mayhem. Dishonest people. It is rare to meet genuinely good people. I may be tarnished or jaded from living in this world to not see the beauty and good in people, though. IDK. The animal kingdom is fierce and violent so can we expect any better in humanity? Animals kill each other out of hunger or out of necessity. Like spiders kill their mate. Black widow spiders? I can’t remember which species do this, but it happens. Is it necessary to kill? That is a hot topic. Since animals do it why shouldn’t we? I believe thou shalt not kill, no exceptions. The killing of animals in hunting for food is controversial and violent according to animal activists. Regardless, what we don’t see is the way animals are treated to be slaughtered meat for the grocery stores. Thank God we don’t see it, though. If animals aren’t killed and eaten by us, how would life change or be different? If we all obeyed God and lived according to His rules how would life on Earth be different? It is an invisible quest to be living in harmony with God because we can’t see him. Is he invisible? Or is it because he hides from us. In Fatima, the three children who saw the Blessed Virgin Mary reported when God appeared to the crowd they were terrified. He was in the Sun, but the Sun came down up close and personal, and everyone was afraid. So because God is fearsome and he doesn’t want us to be scared of Him, he hides? It could be. The Bible tells us no one has seen God and lived. I think Elijah did or perhaps even Noah. In the beginning, men use to walk with God, but that could mean their Angel maybe? It is a history mystery how the world began. I don’t know how old the planet is, and Science should acknowledge they don’t either. Perhaps they are right, though.

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