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thursmemeDon’t you just hate it when you schedule an appointment to see a doctor at your local clinic and have to wait 30 minutes to an hour before your name is even called? Only the nurse leads you into a cramped sterile room where you are stuck for another 30 minutes? I stare at the 4 walls occupied with poster advertisements of medical importance, that talk about a treatment that will heal vaginal warts. It certainly a blessing that Health Care in Canada is free but the waiting can kill you. Like a poor patient badly injured or suffering uncomfortably, waiting in prolonged agony. Unless it is an emergency situation, and you are lucky to arrive in an ambulance. Your treatment is non-existent, and help is unavailable.  Half the time it’s torture in the effort it takes to fill out the forms. It’s like giving your last drop of blood.

I am one who speaks my mind and I told the person on the other end of the telephone when I made the doctors appointment that I hated waiting to see the doctor just to have my perscription blood pressure medication refilled. You know what she told me?

“It’s the same for everyone and the doctor can refuse to refill my perscription if I don’t come in and see him.” I told her that I need my medication and to make me an appointment; It has been 4 days since I’ve taken them. I’ve been taking 3 different medications daily for over 3 years and I understand the doctor needs to test me every so often to see if there is anything else the matter, if he really cares about his patients. Honestly I really would like to be off medication entirely. Today such things like high blood pressure is like having a non curable disease where you basically have to take them for the rest of your life . Do they actually believe diabetes , high blood pressure, or even cancer cannot be cured? That is some bullocks right there If I ever heard it.

Today I am happy to report, yesterday I waited only about 15 minutes to see the doctor. 5 in the waiting room and 10-15 minutes in the examination room. I feel good that I was able to get my medication AND he gave me a LAB requisition form for blood and urine tests. NOT AGAIN!

On a side note, October is here, the month of my birthday so Welcome October!

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I love reading other blogs. I couldn’t resist posting a link that relates to my Thursdays Thought. It is written by Marilyn Armstrong. Her writing is way better than mine and funnier. Check it out I NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THROUGH VOICE MAIL

One thought on “Thursdays Thought: Waiting to see a doctor

  1. I completely understand you on the family doctor wait times, as well as in hospitals – I’ve waited an hour once to see someone for my minor concussion! Glad you’re last appointment was a shorter wait time, might be a record holder haha! Happy October 🙂

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