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What were you blogging about last year at this time? How have things changed?

kids playground

Last September when the snow started to fall.

A year ago (September 12th to be exact) I posted about the snow that ruined September and all the trees. It wasn’t an elaborate post and I don’t know why I didn’t write more about it. hmph

I was probably like . . . zzzzzzzzz Wake me up when September ends. This year I’m eager to write more about it AND we have hardly had any snow yet *crossing fingers* It’s getting colder though wah.

Anyway, last year a huge snowstorm had ruined all the trees and caused electricity to go out . I remember going on a walk and seeing broken tree branches all over the place. It was awful. I imagine the birds got disturbed big time. The snowstorm caused problems with power lines as tree branches fell on them (sometimes whole trees) breaking lines all over the city. My own apartment building was out of electricity for a good half a day. Since their was nothing to do at home with no power, I went to Westbrook Mall just across the street from my place to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing and I found the only place that was open was Starbucks. Thank &*^%’in God.

I sat inside Starbucks in the Westbrook Mall and had a conversation with someone I didn’t know and ordered a peppermint latte. By the time we left, the power was back on in the mall. Work crews must’ve fixed the problem cause my electricity was back on too at least in our neighborhood. The city was busy for a week cleaning up the trees. I felt sorry for them. The trees I mean.

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4 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Snowtember

  1. Astrid says:

    Wow, snow in Septemer sounds very weird to me. We only get snow once in a while in real winter, like December or January. Although I do remember snowfall in April once many years ago. I totally understand you didn’t feel like writing much about it. If this had happened here, I’d put lots of covers over me and sleep till summertime. Via Mama Kat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tattoomamaofthree says:

    Fingers crossed that the snow holds off for ya’ll.


  3. May says:

    Those too early winter storms really do wreck havoc on the trees which I hate. But I have to admit that I get a thrill out of the unexpected snow and/or ice just like a little kid!


  4. Kat says:

    Snow is September!?! That is just crazy! What memories!


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