Jackie's Forget Me Nots

No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

Rebirth? Bitch please that’s only in Wii games.

I can’t even imagine nor would I ever think of coming back a second time to live my life over again. Not in a million years. I don’t believe in reincarnation. What would be the point? It sounds too much like Groundhog Day, and if the same shit happens in a second life how weird is that? No. I believe in an everafter life but not the concept of reincarnation. I don’t know anything about before you were born either, it is only the Mormons who believe we were with God but surely we were only the apple in his eyes, meaning just a potential soul, cause every human that is created in a mothers womb is given the breath of life that comes from God. God being the giver of life. Some would rationalize it as Science. Whatever.

But if I had the choice to come back I suppose I’d choose to live as another person with loving parents who stayed together and loved each other. I’d want to know what love is and what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. I don’t think I’ve experienced that kind of love yet. So there you have it. I didn’t want to blog about this today because I refuse to accept this stupid false concept

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From the Top.”If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

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