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1We are gearing up for Halloween with a spooky and horrific writing prompt hosted by Rachel Rivera @parajunkee.com in the Spooky September Challenge. The challenge starts September 1st and lasts six days.

We begin with a top Ten list of scary books.

They aren’t the scariest books to read for Halloween but when it comes to ‘horror’ books I have a threshold for how scary it should be before I can read it, so I don’t have nightmares. In fact, it’s probably why I rarely do, and I don’t intend to start today. Whether it be books or movies, horror was never my cup of tea.

Books To Read for Halloween (1)

1.God’s of The Nowhere by James Tipper, is a horrific fantasy about a boy who descends from a great druid and doesn’t know it. Some bad things start happening on his 16th birthday.  He has to learn the clues of who he is with the help of his best friend. They travel to the land of nowhere and encounter all sorts of terrible creatures.

2. I can’t remember the details of The Spirit Clearing by Mark Tufo, but I remember the chilling impact the spooky haunted house in the woods had on me.

3. I plan on reading the Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson ever since I read Salem’s Lot so…

4.Another book that I plan on reading this Halloween is Hell House by Richard Matheson. I am worried about this one but whatever. It looks and sounds horrifying.

5. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Stephen King touches on the subject of child abuse and a mother who used drugs robbing her child of food, milk, and diapers. Speaking of drugs, the chilling factor comes from those people who sucked the essence of your soul particularly those who are gifted. I didn’t like reading about Danny Torrance’s alcohol addiction, though.

6. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King is, of course, a book about vampires who take over a small town in Salem. The creep factor were all the clues that something terrifying was happening right under everyone’s noses. When a person was bitten, they had no idea what happened to them because their memory was erased. Oddly enough I didn’t think Mr. Barlow the vampire was too terrible.

7. I intend to read Ghost Story by Peter Straub this year as well

8. When I heard that Joe Hill was Stephen Kings son I bought two of his books (actually three but Horns isn’t a spooky book) Heart Shaped Box and Nos4a2.

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill was hard to read. The old geezer Craddock was disturbing, and there is that feeling of suspense. It is creepy, and I was scared with this one. It touches on some serious subjects like child molestation and suicide.

9. The Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake is the second book in the Anna Dressed in Blood duo. I didn’t think I would be so scared. Just thinking about Anna makes my hairs stand on end. The Girl of Nightmares is a gory mess, and I couldn’t turn off the lights.

10. Nos4a2 by Joe Hill is every child’s nightmare and their parents as well. Charlie Manx stole the life out of innocent children. I wasn’t all that scared, but I listened to it on audio.

4 thoughts on “Ten Top Spookiest Books

  1. Yes to all your picks (although there’s 3 I haven’t read, Hell House is on my radar)! Ghost Story is spooky, although it might feel a bit dated, it’s still good.


  2. I was wondering about NOS4A2 and Heart-Shaped Box because I read Horns too and did not think it scary. I am also reading his Locke & Key comic books.


  3. parajunkee says:

    I have to read JOE HILL and I’ve heard so many good things about NOS4A2. Thanks for doing the challenge with me!


  4. parajunkee says:

    Lately my comments seem to be eaten..I posted one right before this. 😦 Great books. Thanks for doing the challenge with me!


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