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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

Vaguely do I remember our trip to Algiers, but some things just stood out. The Villa we lived in and our cousins being with us. We stayed in a hotel in Paris overnight. We couldn’t sleep. Can you blame us? A new country, different bed, new jammies, and jet lag. It was all too overwhelming for us. I think my aunt and my mother were so tired of hearing us giggle and laugh they had to yell at us to get to bed more than once.
I was only 5, and I remember looking out the window of the plane exclaiming “I see God!” but all I saw were clouds and blue sky. It’s still a mystery to me. Both my cousins must have thought I was crazy and my sister called me a liar. My mother didn’t know what to believe. Poor mom. That was about all I can remember about our flight to Algiers. I guess it was sometime in the summer of 70′.
It’s strange I can remember names of hotels and irrelevant details about the trip; like The Jamilla Palace. It was the hotel we stayed at when we arrived in Algiers. I think the next day or soon after; my dad had to go to the Canadian Embassy to pick up our house keys because it was up to him to find the place we were supposed to live.
I don’t know how he got a Vehicle either but it was a Renault 5. I imagine everything was part of the package.
Wherever it was, THAT was going to be our home. To me, it was an exciting adventure, but to my mother, it was a vexing experience! If she had not pointed out the vermin such as mice and cockroaches, I would have never realized any of that. Of course, I had never seen a mouse or a cockroach before. It was a beautiful vacation Villa from my point of view! The whitewashed cement facade was a few steps away from the Mediterranean in a tourist center. All the other villas looked the same. Except ours was the biggest; to fit a family of six. It was perfect!
The first night or so my sister had a weird dream, and she said there was a rock with ‘what she thought was’ a piece of string coming out of it and she was trying to remove it, as it was laying on her stomach. Can you imagine what that rock with a string was? A RAT! mwahaha. We don’t think she was dreaming.
Regardless, we adopted Minou, our cat, who took care of the rodent problem and the cockroaches soon left because they were getting overrun by humans, that, or my mom poisoned them all. We soon found out we had lots of company: with the frogs croaking and the crickets chirping.

Our Villa had a lovely little kitchen garden; I guess you could call it that, and a terrace with stairs. It was built like a horseshoe; with one bedroom on one end and a hallway and a bathroom with a separate room for the toilet. Then, another big area where my mother decided to put four bunk beds . Close to that was the front door entrance leading to the kitchen, and around the other end, we had a living room with windows that opened on to a big veranda. [here I am on the veranda with one of Minous litter ]

There was a cool firepit outside off the wall, where the bugs gathered at night and a yard that wrapped around the entire villa from front to back. The thing was the grass was like camel grass; big and chunky, ugly camel grass. It stained your clothes, and we didn’t like the yard, but the area surrounding we could explore, and we couldn’t wait to go to the beach. I spent the majority of the time outside. And “all was right in the world.”

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