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My first book of 2014 is ……………

 Awhile ago I was watching Stephen King on Youtube,(linked to the video), and someone in that audience had mentioned reading 11/22/63 over three days when his power went out. He spoke about how it was a lifesaver. If you skip to the part I’m talking about, which is about one hour and 22 minutes into the video (1:22:04), you will see. I liked his enthusiasm, so I purchased the book at a second-hand store, and I was saving it for the right time. I had never read any other review of the book, and as intimidating as it is, I just hope I too will get lost in it and forget about all my problems just like that guy in the video. I wish I can say it is my first Stephen King novel but this past year I read Doctor Sleep and I just had to read something else by this great author that isn’t a horror.

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Happy New Year! 1st Book Of The Year!.

First Book of the Year 2014


11/22/6311/22/63 by Stephen King

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t know what I thought when I picked this book up because I absolutely detest politics and the size of the book would be a challenge for any reader, however despite its length in text, I was surprised to find out it was about time travel and a bit of romance. Lucky for me Stephen King knows how to write.

I thought Jake Epping was very stubborn when he should’ve listened to the green card man. Initially, all Jake needed to do was to go back in time and save a student who’d written an impressing A+ paper. The day that changed Harry Dunning’s life was on a Halloween night long ago when his dad came home drunk and killed his whole family with a sledgehammer. Also at the request of a friend who was dying, Al Templeton sent Jake on a mission to prevent JFK from being assassinated.

Five grueling years later as George Amberson in the land of ago (the past), he finally kills Lee Harvey Oswald BEFORE Harvey could kill JFK, thereby saving the president’s life and nullifying the past as we know it. BUT he also changed the future in ways he could not have imagined. Now, he had to reset the history by going through the porthole again which would fix the future from the nuclear disaster he’d stepped back into after the president fiasco. Making it a total of 5 times he had to go through the rabbit hole.

“You need to go back now, Jake.” He spoke gently. “You need to go back and see exactly what you’ve done. What all your hard and no doubt well-meaning work has accomplished.”

George Amberson thought it was all his fault, and he was right, but I was glad the green card man didn’t pass judgment on him and told George what he’d have to do AND how to fix things. But nooo he wanted to save Sadie, again, (stubborn bastard) because he loved her and couldn’t let her die. It bothered me that he would risk fucking up the world and everybody in it, including Sadie’s. He didn’t know if he would even save her when all was said and done cuz the world would never be the same and like the green card man had told him “Reality itself” would be destroyed.

Thanks to this book I probably never would’ve known about the real events leading up to 11/22/63 or about Lee Harvey Oswald and it was sad to know these events ever happened. It made for a strange experience to read a fiction novel

I am glad I read it, though.

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One thought on “Happy New Year! 1st Book Of The Year!

  1. Awesome, glad you shared the great pics!


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