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I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, and I won’t make any excuses for it because I hate fat, but I also love to eat. I’ve been suffering from bad digestion causing constipation, yet I still eat what I want, when I want, and that is leading me to some serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems.

About two years ago I started listening to the raw food industry promoting a healthy lifestyle by eating plant-based food such as fruit and vegetables and seeds and nuts. It helped me make a decision about the choices I achieved in losing weight and staying healthy. I try not to eat processed foods and sugar, and I’ve switched to almond milk. I still eat chicken, beef, and fish.

I stopped eating candy bars and replaced them with healthy choices. It’s interesting the new food you can eat! I would probably still have never eaten an avocado (unless it was guacamole) or had dates or raisins instead of candy! My love for food has taken on a different perspective. I enjoy healthy food because it has what our bodies need and are starving for. Fruits and vegetables and nuts are rich in carbs, protein, and fat.

Since I’m just starting and this is my first weigh in, I can’t say that I lost any weight, but I’ve noticed the scale fluctuating between 180-185 lbs and that’s probably because I try to eat meals that I prepare at home instead of going out to eat. It may be more beneficial, but it’s time-consuming. Cost wise?  I don’t know yet.  I haven’t got that down pat. Of course, I’m still at a point where I am tempted to eat a hamburger at McDonalds rather than making myself a healthy sandwich and salad at home.

What I am most proud of is that I stopped smoking on July 7th, 2013. I’ve quit before once for ten years, but it’s not easy.

Current Weight: 185 lbs.
Goal Weight: 145 lbs
Eating habits this week: I’ve been eating a lot of fruit. I broke down and ordered pizza once this week (bad). I also had a breakfast subway sandwich. That too is bad, so I won’t blame the scale if it’s back to 185 😛 I just craved for bread and that’s what happens. Oyvey.

Exercise this week: This is embarrassing because I don’t exercise. I only walked approx. 3 miles in one day this week. I could do more walking obviously, but I hate the smog, people, dogs and whatever another excuse I can find to stay at home. I just hate going out!! I wish I had a treadmill. Cluck cluck cluck.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In – Just Beginning

  1. Camilleta says:

    Walking is great exercise! Most of the time, I consider walking the dogs or playing at the park with the kids my daily exercise.

    Congrats on quitting smoking! Keep up the good work!!


  2. Sweet tooth says:

    You can do it! I was a computer chair potato all my life up until I took a college course in Nutrition and the professor really opened my eyes, then I started working at a gym as a receptionist and joined a class they held called ” The Gauntlet” and it was the best decision I had ever made. The instructor became my best friend, the people became like family and the things I learned were amazing! Before the class I couldn’t do a push up let alone a PULL UP! After a year I could do those and climb a rope to the top! The class dispersed, because the instructor had to move her family, but all the knowledge stuck with me and every day I’m striving to build myself physiclaly and mentally! Instagram helps a lot too, because there are so many motivational people out there! But please keep in mind to do this for YORUSELF! There are lots of different methods to go about it you just have to try them all. Being shy is a skill of mine, but live with no regrets. If you can’t do something practice, keep trying! Cycling, spin, zumba, your own plan, whatever it is do it because it gives you a natural high. 🙂 I still enjoy food, but have cut out dairy and grains for personal beliefs. Listen to your body! You only have one and it’s much like a car: put good in, get good out!


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