Jackie's Forget Me Nots

No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

I rarely go to live theater or dances or plays because there isn’t anything I want to see. I have gone to a few games, but it’s not very often. I like the occasional rock concert, but I have to tell you about one experience I had. It was unforgettable only for the wrong reasons.

We went to see Monsters of Rock a few summers ago, both Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priests are senior men now, and frankly, I am an old woman. Going to concerts was a thing we did when we were young, just like smoking drugs and partying was. Some people still do that, but I’m not one of them. I mean I don’t do drugs anymore nor do I drink. So, I don’t find it very exciting although the entertainment aspect is still there. I will go just for the entertainment, but it would be equally entertaining just to watch them on youtube for all I care. All I listened to growing up was rock and roll. Now? Not so much. I like Christian rock, and bands like Switchfoot and flyleaf are ok by me.

Getting back to the experience of live performing rock bands, it was in the summer of 2008 back when I lived downtown when my boyfriend and I went to see a rock concert at the Saddledome here in Calgary. We spent about $120 for two tickets to see Iron Maiden, but I really can’t remember exactly. We sat on the side, close to the stage, but of course, I couldn’t see anything without my glasses. We couldn’t take videos or anything either. Sure the band was loud, and the music was fun, and we still raised our hands in the air, and I still felt like a dork. I just wasn’t getting into it. They sang songs but only one song I recognized- The Number of the Beast.  I wasn’t enjoying myself, and I think my boyfriend was disappointed about that, so we left before they had even finished. Yes, bummer.

On descending the concrete stairs in my high heeled shoes, I slipped and fell on my tailbone. Someone had spilled their drinks all over the floor, and the ground was wet and slippery, and I fell flat on my back. Man, I couldn’t walk for a good week afterward. It hurt, and I was embarrassed that everyone saw me fall. I had to get out of there now. The other terrible thing about this night was that I happened to lose my house keys and we couldn’t get into my apartment. On top of having a sore tailbone, my high shoes made it worse. I think I took them off and had to walk around barefoot. Lucky for us we spent the night in a hotel, but it cost $400 for a hotel room. My body was aching, and I could hardly move. What I wanted was a day at the spa or even a soak in the hot tub. Instead, I had to soak in a tub which was too painful to get in and out.

The next morning we decided to go back to the Saddledome to see if there were a set of keys in the lost and found. That was just a waste of time and energy. With the way, I was feeling the last thing I wanted to walk around. Finally after a few hours without finding them, we went back to our building, and the landlord happened to be working that day, so we talked to them and got a new set of keys cut that allowed us back in. I felt like, instead of wasting all my money we could have just stayed up all night in the lounge. Our building also had couches and chairs in the lobby to rest our head. Oh well! It was the most expensive concert ever, so yay. Maybe the reason I don’t go to concerts so much is that we usually can’t afford to go but this time was different. It was not worth the pain and money for a hotel room that’s for sure.

My boyfriend’s been hinting about going to another concert lately. It had better be something good. Just this morning he’d heard that some band would be playing at the Jubilee. hmmm . Well I know Justin Bieber will be performing at the Saddledome in October LOL I can’t picture Phil going to that one :p He says he would give anything to see Alice Cooper or Cinderella.

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