Jackie's Forget Me Nots

No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

Well I was pretty much computer illiterate since I was never taught in school . I love my computer but I still haven’t got a cell phone . Probably because i see everyone with one and quite frankly it looks stupid. I also haven’t programmed my phone with a voice message and whenever someone calls they leave it ring far too long . Don’t they know I’m not going to answer? Honestly.

When I was in the hospital for what seemed like forever, it was then the grocery stores upgraded their checkout services . I went into the hospital when it was a simple cash register where the teller had to punch in codes and numbers and when I came out , in what seemed like ages , it was all computerized. Talk about a culture shock ! At first it was voice over , now it’s just beep beep beep scanned barcode.

I also like using the instant teller machine, way easier but debit cards make me a little nervous. I don’t think I could ever trust technology fully . It’s kinda scary but I do all my banking online because it’s convenient and faster.

When you buy battery operated gadgets like toothbrushes I only wish the plastic were a little easier to open . I fucking hate opening those things! I usually need a knife or a pair of scissor to cut through it .

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