Jackie's Forget Me Nots

No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

Seed capsules of Strelitzia nicolai If money were no object list 3 jobs you’d consider pursuing
The matter is not about not having the money but about the drive and determination and the willingness to pursue a life that I was made for . Money, happiness and the american dream is a load of bullocks. It is like sacrificing everything you are for an inferior bowl of pottage . No way .

What my job is , is to find out who I really am and to not forsake the Lord of glory and to seek His Kingdom over the world. Money doesn’t matter, but what you are does and I’m happy about that . We are made for something much better than what this world has to offer .

If doing good means sowing greed, avarice and contempt then I suppose you are sowing your seeds in the wrong fields . The world can never satisfy you because we were meant for another place . Heaven . We belong to the Most High.

If time were not a factor I’d be one of these. All’s it takes is practice but I wish I was born with a certain talent like this


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