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No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

Tailgaters who drive too close are so annoying.  I always leave at least a car length in front of me when I’m driving and if you have taken a defensive driving course they teach you to follow at a distance .  Not to mention how important it is for those who need to signal into your lane , it’s a good habit since it gives other cars plenty of room to change lanes . I don’t mind letting people in as opposed to those who don’t . People who drive on each others tail make it impossible to change lanes and that is frustrating.

I hate when people yell at other drivers while driving . It really is unnecessary and they need to learn how to communicate .  Just the other day I was merging onto a busy road and it was unsafe to merge , so being cautious I slowed down to almost a halt but this guy was following me and just as it was safe to merge he decides to get ahead of me and yell ” Learn to fucking merge! ”

What an asshole ! It’s people like that , that cause accidents imo.

One thought on “What is your biggest frustration about driving?

  1. Haibar Zair says:

    *They stare* (because of someone new behind the wheel) Or sometimes when you are nervous looks like the world has dropped all its works and is suddenly and morbidly interested in your faults, Lol

    Cool post!


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