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Ode to time.
Me In Time

-I started 1st grade in 1970 when we moved from Calgary to Algiers. I was 6 years old. The extent of my learning to speak french.

-In 1979 I went to boarding school ; Palma de Mallorca, Spain . My dad took me out of grade 9 in Calgary . I was 15 and I had a traumatic experience with drugs that consequently affected the quality of my life .

-I had my first baby in 1984 when I was 20 and got married to the man who would put me through hell and my child was apprehended . Crisis situation.

UPDATE: lol I understand now what we are supposed to do , sorry and I apologize for my lack of comprehension skills :p It would also seem I don’t know much of history shamefully. Anyway – sometime -around 1973 the Cuban president, Fidel Castro, came to Club des Pins where we lived and we were asked to leave our house because he was going to be needing it . Ok strike that .

– In 1969 Apollo 11 went to the moon with Neil Armstrong.

-Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1987 and I remember at the time I had one of my children with me and I was pregnant and I would rock my son to sleep in my most favorite rocker glider ever.

-In 2005 Pope John Paul II dies of old age and Cardinal Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI . Big historic event for the Catholic Church anyway.

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