Jackie's Forget Me Nots

No vase can overflow if you never fill it up.

I wish we had gotten a desert fox when my dad worked on the rigs in Hassi Messaoud….

Fennec Fox

When my dad told us he had the opportunity to bring home a desert fox ; that someone was giving them away for free, we were so excited we thought we were going to get one.

Having a desert fox would be so cool!; I think they would make an awesome pet.They look so cute but I’ve heard their pee stinks a lot and I don’t even know if we are allowed to bring them through customs back to Canada. Would they even survive the cold weather? idk . What do they eat? What could we feed them? Do they bite ? Can you train them like dogs?

In any case if I had one I would spoil the crap out of it and show it off to everyone I met . What name would I give him/her? Xerxes ? or Chadu? probably some cool name after the country Africa. I would love to sleep on the Sahara sand underneath the stars with my fox , away from scorpions and lizards of course . I wonder if they eat that sorta thing…ewww.

I would make sure it had a large enough cage or even a room to play around in . Being that they live in the desert, I would make sure the environment was just like home. I would get lots of sand . It would be interesting to learn everything about them .

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