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I started listening to audiobooks with a membership to Audible. Listening to free audiobooks from the library on Overdrive is great also, and there is a free summer audiobook program on AudiobookSync.


Seven Favourite audiobook Series

J.R. Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood. Narrated by Jim Frangione

I love vampires and these cold-blooded creatures are hot AF. I want to be in Caldwell New York with the Black Dagger Brotherhood living in a mansion.

The Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Estep. Narrated by Lauren Fortgang

Gin Blanco is her name and she has daggers up her sleeves in her boots, everywhere, and if you threaten her family, she will make you regret it until you’re dead. She is also the owner of the Pork Pit restaurant, known for her foster-father, Fletcher Lane’s, secret barbecue sauce.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Narrated by Elizabeth Evans

I’m glad I read this series. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius better known as Celaena Sardothien is a very brave but down to earth born to be princess; if only she could be. *sigh

 Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Narrated by Davina Porter

I am in love with this masterpiece. I read the books and listened to their audio. She sailed over the sea to Skye. . . and recently finished watching Season 3 on Netflix. It was so good.

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole. Narrated by Robert Petkoff

Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Narrated by Phil Gigante & Natalie Ross

She had me hooked from her Immortal Highlander series. I’ve read every single book from Karen Marie Moning. Even her early pieces The MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Narrated by James Marsters

Storm Front was one of my first audiobooks I ever listened to.

novembernovellachallenge2010Happy Novella November everyone! I like reading novellas in November. It’s got a nice ring to it. This reading challenge introduced me to many Christmas novellas, which I usually have a bunch of on my Kindle. I was curious to find out more facts about Novella November and this is all you need to know.

Reading in Bed

“Novellas in November” was conceived of by Rick of Another Book Blog five years ago, in 2013. His original post is lost to the mists of defunct WordPress blogs, but you can read mine here. Over the years, others came along for the ride, notably our fellow Canadian book bloggers Naomi at Consumed by Ink and CJ at ebookclassics. I have probably been the most consistent participant, but I wasn’t really a host.

People have been asking (okay… one person asked and it was Novellas in November alum Rebecca) about the history of this event, and while I maintain that it has been sustained these past five years by the sheer power of alliteration, there is just a little more to it than that.

novellasinnovember2015 circa 2015

Rick wasn’t *quite* the first to pick up a novella in November. I can trace a “Novella November” challenge as far back…

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5 Characters I’d want with me if I were trapped in a haunted house

Host: Clo @ Book Dragons 

Hermione, because she wouldn’t do anything stupid and she’s studious/smart.
Gandalf, because he’s a wise wizard.
Aragorn aka Strider because he’s brave and handsome and can speak Elvish lol
Luke Evans because he’s the motherfucking Dracula Untold!
Bard the Bowman and boat fishermen from Laketown in The Hobbit!


What’s been happening this week. More nice weather. More pain therapy in the pool, more good days pain-wise than bad. I managed to jog 2.2 miles on the treadmill without a hitch today (Saturday). Not a bad week although getting out of bed is still an ordeal and I need a cane to help me stand up, I don’t know if I should accept this is the way it’s going to be or hope even this too shall pass. As the day progresses it gets better and I can walk and do my workout. The hot tub is a blessing right now. I will be starting Yoga exercises soon and I look forward to it.
What’s New On My Shelf. I got the last book in the Throne of Glass series! I couldn’t help myself and I admit it was an impulsive buy but I now have the complete collection.

∗All books are linked with affiliate links to Amazon.ca

I added these ebooks to my Kindle.

What I finished reading

I started the Beechwood Harbor Magic mystery series this past week and I read and reviewed Murder’s A Witch and A Witch of A Day (links to my blog) and Jennifer Estep’s  Mythos Academy short novella Halloween Frost. I wanted to start Spartans Promise but I need to read book one first. Danielle Garrett has also released a new Ghost series The Ghost Hunter Next Door which I look forward to reading. I really like the characters she writes.

What I’m currently reading

Cecy Robson’s Eternal. I got an ARC of this book I didn’t even know I had :/ So far it’s a beautiful romance between Landon and Luci: I’m @ 28%

Publication Date: October 24, 2017
A Carolina Beach Novel – Book Two

After months of bad luck and even worse men, Luciana Diaz just wants to crawl under the covers and forget the year ever happened. Her friend has other plans, convincing Luci to attend a New Year’s Eve party on the affluent shores of Kiawah Island.

Luci never expected to have fun. She also never expected to wake up next to a man she just met, or for this man to be the new attorney at her firm.

Landon Summers is done with drama. After an ugly separation and even worse divorce, he has no desire to jump into another relationship.

When his sister Trinity drags him to a New Year’s Eve party, he doesn’t plan to stay long. One drink, a few hellos, and he’s out. Until he meets Luci, the first person in months to draw his smile and incite his passion.

Neither Luci nor Landon planned on each other, and they definitely didn’t plan on love. But the New Year means a fresh start, and eternal possibilities neither could deny . . .

What I am watching on Netflix

I’ve watched 6 episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I use to love reading about the teenage witch whenever she appeared in Archie comics as a kid. Obviously, the show is more terrifying. It’s hard to watch Prudence and her sisters, Madam Satan aka Sabrina’s teacher Mrs. Wardell, Father Blackwood and the Dark Lord’s evil plots against her. They are horrible. The reason why they hate her has to do with her father and mother who are dead. We learn more about Sabrina Spellman’s family in small increments throughout the first season. Anyway, Salem her cat familiar is awesome.

I took the Spooky Character quiz on Beware of the Reader’s Blog and I am a witch.

This is a weekly meme created by Books by Proxy, but kept up by Lynn’s Book Blog.

This is a great opportunity to feature some of your favourite book covers. The rules are fairly simple each week, following a predetermined list, choose a book, compare a couple of the different covers available for that particular book and choose your favourite.

This weeks theme

 “Trick or treat – A Halloween inspired cover

Last weeks theme was about a horror novel. I chose Frankenstein. This weeks theme is a Halloween inspired cover. I think they are pretty similar. At any rate, I am having a hard time choosing for this but I have decided on a cover of a book I haven’t read but would like to. I have only seen the movie.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Goodreads Summary:

Meet Jack Skellington. He’s in charge of making Halloweenland the coolest creepy place around. But when Jack suddenly grows bored with tricks and treats, he goes searching for new ways to celebrate…and he finds them in Christmas Town! Christmas, Jack decides, is just what Halloweenland — and the world — needs! He sets out to take over the role of Santa. But can anything good come of a tall and lanky skeleton dressed up as everyone’s favorite jolly old elf?

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the first book that Tim Burton has written and illustrated.



3 -My favourite


The Book Depository

Which cover do you like best?

Murder’s a Witch
(Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #1)
by Danielle Garrett

Was this a marketing ploy to get us to read more of her books? It’s a genius. My fondness for paranormal fantasy and witches has been rekindled. Holly Boldt is a potion’s witch that comes to live in a halfway house for displaced paranormals in Beechwood Harbor. The elusive reason why she ends up living with 4 other paranormals is not explained until we read the prequel novella, Witch of A Day, but we have a vampire, a shapeshifter wolf, a gargoyle and a ghost.
I don’t know what it takes to write good characters but Danielle seems to have it in spades.
I loved all the characters in this book!
Even the ones who are bad.

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Goodreads Summary:

Holly Boldt has a secret.
Well, technically, she has lots of them. After a scandal uproots her entire life, she is forced to relocate to a halfway house for displaced paranormals. It’s her last shot for a fresh start. But keeping secrets isn’t easy in a town that goes through gossip faster than tissue paper, even for a powerful witch.
When a grisly murder rocks the small town of Beechwood Harbor, Holly finds herself unwillingly entangled in the investigation. With everyone watching, Holly must solve the case before she’s forced to abandon her new-found home and live life as a witch on the run. But with a paranormal investigator tailing her every move, a civil war brewing between her vampire and shifter roommates, and her ghostly landlord on the edge of a breakdown, she can barely think in complete sentences. How is she supposed to track down a murderer?

Holly has to make it work, or risk losing everything … again.

Murder’s a Witch is a cozy witch mystery with a spunky twist. Come see what’s brewing in Beechwood Harbor in this first installment of The Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries Series.

Subscribe to Ipsy with my referral link 

This red clutch is embossed with a masquerade mask. It’s cute and I’m pretty happy with what I got. It doesn’t scream Halloween but the purple eyeshadow and the lip glass look really nice. The eyeshadow brush works very well and I love using it.  I like getting samples like the cream and hair masque. These products are expensive and thanks to Ipsy I am able to try these products whereas otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to. My hair and skin look and feel wonderful, thanks to Ipsy!

Nomad cosmetics purple eyeshadow NORRSKEN NO3 $12
Naturelab Tokyo Perfect Repair Treatment Masque $16.00
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream $30.00
Inmo Eye Shadow Brush
M.A.C Little Lipglass in Love Child

I’ve been thinking…I find it interesting we have blog memes to show our newest and most epic book but there is nothing for makeup as far as I know. We have a lot of makeup gurus on youtube but for those of us in the blogging community, what if we could link up with others to share makeup stuff we add to our collection and visit, comment, like and follow others? Or share what we got in our Ipsy/boxycharm/Sephora/Topbox/Morphe/ or any other monthly makeup subscription box? I mean I feel disconnected from the beauty community for some reason. This would just be ordinary bloggers like me who like makeup

If you are interested in that sort of meme, please leave a comment and let me know OR share your link to your Ipsy Bag or other makeup posts in the Mr. Linky Link Up. I’ll make sure to visit and comment whenever possible.

Halloween Frost (Mythos Academy #1.5)Halloween Frost by Jennifer Estep


I didn’t know anything about the world of Mythos Academy because I have never read the first installment but it sounds like the protagonist Gwen Frost, is training to be a kickass warrior. I like it a lot. I picked it up because it is near Halloween.
Gwen’s friend wants to dress up and go trick or treating but their fun was lost on a monster and that is just how it is at Mythos Academy. Fight and kill as many of those things as possible. However, the one she has a crush on saves her, yet again. O be still my heart. Her sword, Vic, can talk and has a mouth on him. It was a gift from some god. I need to work out the details guys so don’t @ me. It looks like their bags of treats was lost on someone playing a mean trick on them.

Original post


Thanks to Jennifer Estep publishing and Amazon Digital Services for allowing me an advanced readers copy.

It is set to be released on Jan 15, 2019



Hunting for the bad guys has never been so dangerous . . .

My name is Rory Forseti, and I attend the Colorado branch of Mythos Academy, a school of warrior kids, powerful artifacts, and mythological monsters.

I’m a student, a fierce Spartan warrior, and a member of Team Midgard, a group of kids and adults tasked with stopping the evil Reapers of Chaos. There is one Reaper I’m determined to hunt down above all others: Covington, the man who murdered my parents.

So when the Midgard gets a tip that Covington is going to try to steal a dangerous artifact, I’m ready to fight. But the situation is far more complicated than it seems, and the Reapers aren’t my only enemies.

I’ll have to use all my Spartan strength and skills to survive this. And even then, it might be my blood that gets spilled . . .


Add To Goodreads | Amazon.ca

Original post:

I am linking to the usual suspects
Stacking The Shelves 
 The Sunday Post 
 It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I am having a hard time concentrating on what I read and I am worried about it. Lately, I’ve been falling asleep every time I start reading FFS!  I just can’t. I also don’t enjoy it when I’m in a lot of pain. My mind isn’t retaining anything and I can’t seem to concentrate. I fear to have a stroke. I don’t know what is going on physically, but reading is really hard to do. I also have to go over things 2 or 3 times just to be able to comprehend what I’m missing. I don’t want to say that the books I read are garbage because that would be an insult to the author’s hard work and dedication and to my ability as a reader probably, but I’m not enjoying anything.

¶ I guess what I want to say is I am greatly affected by what goes into my mind and it is important to feed our minds with good books and not junk. Why do people fall into reading slumps? Speaking about cancer in a horror story

“This place, this fanciful realm, it’s crept into you through your brainholes. And I’m connected to your brain, to every part of you, really. I have so much access now. I see so many things. I’m everywhere and everyone.”

—Exquisite Corpse Episode 8
My brain is generally overactive and it doesn’t work as effectively in processing certain things. Idk, I have too many unanswered questions related to my health right now. I need answers.

What I added to My Shelf

Was I wise to buy these two books? Idk, I really wanted to read a Cormoran Strike novel again and The Name of the Wind kept popping up. I thought the synopsis was interesting and I just might have to get the audio for this one.

¶ I was really hoping to get Muse of Nightmares (although I have the audiobook). I think I will wait for it to come out in paperback because it is just too dang expensive and the library has too many holds on it. I have to reread Strange the Dreamer also. That was one book I couldn’t wrap my head around! I lost interest over the god spawn up on the hill.

I also won a book of choice from Angela’s Guilty Pleasures during the FraterfestRAT. I chose Cecy Robson #1 Sealed With A Curse, which I’m looking forward to because I had received an e-arc of Gone Hunting and I really liked it.
¶ I haven’t got any new arcs from Netgalley but I still need to read the eleven I have waiting to be read. Is it a coincidence there are 11 more days until Halloween?

¶ I am 2 books away from completing my Goodreads Reading Challenge for this year and we still have Christmas books to read! I joined in a Christmas Readathon with Just Another Girl and Her Books. I encourage everyone to participate in that as well.

Exquisite Corpse A Serial Box Original Horror Story

Sanguine Woods shared a FREE Horror story made up of 10 episodes that I listened and read.  If you didn’t have anything better to do but waste your time with this then I recommend it. It was just okay but “I would HAVE to read/listen to it over and over to come to a better appreciation. That’s how slow my mind works.” My favourite episode is Ep. 8 written by Stephen Kozeniewski. I suppose because it was the most exciting with the most action but what a poor old coot the exquisite corpse was! He had a family and everything! You can read all about that in episode 4.

I hope everyone is safe and in good health. What epic books have you read this week?

“Who wants my pumpkin pretties?” says Cryptic Wand – Hipster Witch from the ninth circle of hell

Please share your answer to this TAG. It’s Fun!

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